Lakeview Tenant Meeting 2/13/2020

in: Resident News on: 02/24/20

First, thank you to all of the tenants that were able to attend the meeting on February 13th, 2020. There were many valid concerns brought to ownership’s and management’s attention that we will be working to correct over the next several months and we appreciate your patience as we discuss potential solutions to these problems. As a recap to the meeting, the following are the notes from the meeting outlining the different items that were discussed:

  • Grocery Store and other Commercial Spaces: Many tenants were confused over the recent closing of the new grocery store on Madison Ave. The parent company “Associated” will be placing a new operator into the store front within the next several weeks and the space will continue to be used as a grocery store. The pharmacy will remain open, and the Dry Cleaner will stay until a new tenant is found to occupy the space

  • Lobby/Community Room/Elevator Updates: The new lobby on 5th Avenue (including the new handicap accessible sidewalk) as well as the community room will both be complete by October of this year. The community room will be on 107th Street and will be larger than the previous space. As for the elevators, one elevator per building will be out of service while the upgrades are being completed; the first set of elevators should be done in each building by June of 2020 in which case they will begin work on the second elevator whose upgrades is scheduled to be complete by November of 2020

  • Bed Bug Resolution: First and foremost, if you are having a problem with bed bugs in your unit, please notify management immediately. Tenants had brought up the concern of being “passed over” on needed services if they are not home or available at the time of the pest control visit. To assist with this and to the recommendations of the tenants, we are going to implement a sign-up sheet that will be available in the management office where tenants can request services to be performed. Please note that the technician will also continue their process of knocking on each door to see if service is needed; that schedule is as follows:

    -1250 5th and 4 East 107th – 3rd Saturday and 3rd Tuesday between 9a-5p
    -1590 Madison and 35 East 106th – 1st Saturday and 4th Tuesday between 9a-5p

    Please note that during these visits, all common areas are baited and treated. Informational literature, preparation checklists and other relevant bed bug information will be posted in the next several days under the “Rent Payments & Maintenance” section of this website. Finally, we are waiting further information about possible senior assistance in the event that bedbugs are discovered in an elderly unit

  • Waiting/Transfer List: As discussed during the meeting, advertising for the opening of the waiting list must take place before the actual opening of the waiting list. Management is currently working of pulling these advertisements together and will have an update within the next 30 days. Notices will be posted in the buildings notifying tenants once the list is reopened and will explain the process for placement. As for the tenants on the transfer list – we are currently working on relocating tenants on the K & L lines in 35 E 106th; once those transfers are complete, we will begin other internal transfers for under house/over housed tenants

  • Recycling Process: Trash and recycling being left in the hallways has been a frequent problem in each of the buildings at Lakeview. We understand that under prior management this was the process for the disposal of recycling, but is no longer acceptable on the property. There are two white bins located in the courtyard by the gates on 106th Street that are designated for tenant’s recycling – we are asking that each tenant ensures their recycling is brought down and placed in these bins to help maintain cleanliness and prevent potential pest/rodent issues in the buildings. All other normal trash should be disposed of in the garbage chute. We have begun reviewing security camera footage when this is found left in the hallways and will be following up with any tenants found in violation

  • Laundry Rooms: The new laundry room at 4 East 107th will be opening in the next several weeks. We will be ordering the new laundry cards this week and will send out a notice notifying tenants when they are available. If you bring your old Sebco card, you will receive a new Hercules laundry card free-of-charge. Please note that we will only provide new cards for approximately half of the tenants at Lakeview until the second laundry room is complete to avoid the 4 East 107th room from becoming overcrowded. The cards will be swapped on a first come-first serve basis and tenants of the 4 East 107th building will be given preference given their proximity to the room

  • The Roof: A combination of the weather and stop-work orders have delayed the work to the roof, but will commence in a couple of weeks and are scheduled to be completed in May of this year

  • Security Concerns: Several tenants have brought up the concerns for children under 13 who do not have fobs and currently cannot be buzzed in on the 5th Avenue entrance. Ideas were suggested that a temporary security booth be placed while construction is underway or updating the fob system so that tenants could buzz kids/guests in from their apartments. We are still discussing potential solutions to this problem and will provide updates as progress is made

  • Rent Problems & Annual Certifications: Annual certifications for all tenants were completed in October of 2019. For 2020, management is staggering the annual certification anniversary dates to prevent all tenants completing the process in the same month, resulting into the process being split into quarters (January, April, July, and October). Because of this, the first quarter of tenants (January) are completing the process twice within a three month period which caused much confusion, but these tenants will not be required to certify again until a year from now or later. The request for late or weekend hours to complete the certification process were also voiced during the meeting and are being reviewed by management and ownership. As for tenants with questions regarding their rent, please contact management or ownership to discuss. Also, please remember that rent payments can now be made online via this website under the “Rent Payments & Maintenance” section

  • NYPD 23rd NCO (Sector C): Officer Smith and Officer Pena are the coordinators with the local NYPD Sector (East 96th to 111th and South of Park to 5th Ave) of the Neighborhood Community Office Program which has been active since 2016. Officer Smith can be reached directly for non-emergency concerns at 917-601-2480 and Officer Pena can be reached at 929-287-6906. Please feel free to meet the NCO officers at the next tenants’ meeting or by attending a meeting hosted by the NYPD

  • Dan Quart – Assembly Member: Born and raised in Washington Heights, Quart represents individuals who cannot afford lawyers and is running for District Attorney next election with plans to continue many of the efforts he is currently putting in place. He wants to ensure public safety while being racially fair and aims to deal with discriminatory impact and end cash bail. A suggested reform will be decided upon within the next 5 weeks in Albany

  • Don’t forget to visit the new Africa Center museum just two blocks down at 1280 5th Avenue!